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Dec. 9, 2010

It’s such a great day. I went to school this morning only to find out that I only have one hour class. After the class we went to the city, I accompanied my friend to the doctor and then we ate lomi and then I had my  haircut done and decided to roam around the city then after that I ate again in the eatery near our home . I ordered tapsilog plus extra rice and sting . Then I went to the the city again to eat bibingka at puto bung bung and some hot chocolate at mister donut and then went to the gym and finally got home.

Such a tiring fun and full evening. n_n


Hair cut’

Yesterday I wonder if what if i get may haircut done but then I’m not totally decided to what should i really do, but after some time I decided to get my haircut done with my friend.

At first I’m not satisfied with the result of my haircut and until now I still don’t like it .. -_-

If I could only get my hairstyle before again.. -_-

I would never EVER comeback to that hairstylist anymore! n_n

Let’s call it a day’

Second Entry | 11:42 pm |

I woke up at 8am this morning and decided to take jogging but since it’s already late in the morning I watched pacman’s fight instead. Then after staying in Sanpascual Batangas I then straightly went home, ate lunch read and sleep. When I woke up around 6pm I don’t felt good that’s why I go to the gym instead of doing something I should finish. After two hours I went home, cooked food for myself and get ready for the task I need to finish.

Its a good day, isn’t it? It’s time to program, I hope you had a good day too n_n.

Heave a sigh’

First Entry | 11:24 pm |

You know what? I’m really pissed off right now. I created this blog to forget the stupid things running in my head. Instead of lingering on the thoughts that would only crash my mind I’ve decided why not blog instead, aside from programming, hacking and studying things about new technologies. It’s a releasing action I learned, and it’s really working effectively.